Misinformation About the Coronavirus

Where it all Begins

There is always misinformation, but when something as big as the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out, it is expected that there is going to be a lot more misinformation that makes people panic. What is suprising is the amount of misinformation that is out there and the amount of people that consider the fake information as "real and trustworthy". More and more people start worrying, making the whole situation worse.

Why is Misinformation such a Big Deal?

In genreal, misinformation is terrible because you are teaching someone false information about something. With something as big and dangerous as the Covid-19, misinformation can lead to disastrous results. People might buy or read something that is fake and they can potentialy get harmed by doing so. This is why it is important to check the information and clear up the misinformation. By doing this, you can possible save yourself and others.

How it Spreads

The misinformation spreads like the Covid-19. One person inputs the misinformation, others find it, and it slowly spreads around. There are ways of calming people down and slowing down the spread of the misinformation. A pandemic is very similar to this. The virus spread and spreads. Later, the vaccine will slow the count of infected people. The point of posting misinformation is to make people panic, but sometimes people post without researching.


With problems comes solutions, and misinformation about Covid-19 is no different. It is a big problem, but there solutions out there to help people calm down. One solution is to fact-check. If you see misiformation about Covid-19, fact-check if it is true or not. Another way of helping is to respond to the misinformation with correct information. You have to make sure that it is true, and you might want to put a link to where you got your information from. Also, you can spread the correction information just like how people people spread the misinfomation around.